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Media Plan

Wanna hear a media planner love story? It starts with “choosing the right meeting location, dating frequently at the right time slots and having cost effective meals every time”.

That pretty much describes what our team of Media Planning Giants follow every day at work… choosing the right advertising mediums for any of our clients, scheduling the best broadcasting calendars by negotiating low price rates every time and being the best in terms of cost efficiency.

“Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk past you again?”

We might laugh at this joke, but honestly, emotions really function this way. Not just love, but everything likable. To get excited about someone, you need to see them frequently. The right pair of eyes would get more interested and try to gather more information about you, while finally get to approach you directly and ask you out.

To fall in love, you’ll need to find the person that shares the same values as you and get to know them better by spending more time in their company. Both individuals, need to initiate an activity with the aim of attracting one another. It is called “brand awareness”.

We do believe you have an amazing brand, but for you to follow successfully your mission and to reach your goals, you need to find the right tools to get to your targeted audience.

Thanks to our partnerships with media and fellow agencies, we can provide data-driven media plans to optimize your campaign and share your tv ads, radio spots and every other ATL medium, at the right time, to the right audience. By using unique insights and media strategies, we can define the ideal target audience and the best way to engage with them.

We are a fully integrated team of young media enthusiasts, obsessed with advertising performance, offering you what’s most required when talking about media collaboration, – solid buying power. Content might be the king of awareness, but context is definitely his queen. Relevance is about reaching people in the right context when they are ready to receive a message, and not by delivering campaigns to vague masses just for the sake of it.

Lumos Package

Media Plan

Idol – 10% Fee Total

1. Two TV Channels

2. Media Plan

3. Monitoring From Client

4. One Radio

5. Bus Station 2 Location

6. Led Screen 1 Location

Celeb- 15% Fee Total

1. Five TV Channels

2. Media Plan

3. Monitoring

4. Two Radio

5. Billboard 1 Location

6. CTL 10 Location

5. Bus Station 3 Location

6. Led Screen 1 Location

7. Print 2-3 Booklets

V.I.P– 20% Fee Total

1. Five TV Channels/Prime Time +1 PR

2. Media Plan

3. Monitoring

4. Five Radio

5. Billboard 2 Location

6. CTL 15-20 Location

5. Bus Station 6 Location

6. Led Screen 2 Location

7. Print All Inclusive

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