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Video Production

What’s a creative’s fuel – you might be wandering… Simple things like coffee, insomnia, bad weather, nicely spent weekends and a lot of good laughs at the office. That’s pretty much how we do at Giant S.M.I

Creating the best commercials, demands a lot of work and a full squad of brilliant minds like writers, designers, art directors and strategists, to team up and brainstorm that “perfect idea” that would make the audience laugh, cry, talk about for days and stuck in their minds for years to come. We’re absolutely certain we can give you “that idea” that would make your brand’s potential skyrocket and become unforgettable.

Whether you’re enjoying your nightly TV show or gathered around the screen for some qualitative family time, commercials have become an inseparable, and sometimes celebrated, part of entertainment.

Moving images are now more and more requested by brands and businesses, not just for TV purposes, but for Digital as well. No other tool combines sight, sound and brand-narrative with such artistry and get a genuine immediate human response. Beyond aesthetics, video is a power tool that drives growth and helps you share your brand story.

With an exceptionally skilled talent base, we can deliver eye-catching videos for a myriad of platforms used by brands and businesses. As the best video maker in Albania, Giant S.M.I can come up with some creative teaser campaign ideas, write scripts with those in mind and produce for you the finest videos.

Consumers increasingly favor video over other mediums, so telling your story with beautiful visuals is more important than ever.

Our agency is the finest video maker in Tirana, so next time you would google “What’s the best video maker near me”, you would know it’s us. So don’t be shy and stop by our office, we promise you great ideas, the best videos and a loooot of ice-cream.

We Use Video to Scale Brands Rapidly and we work with the idea behind it from scratch. We can write gorgeous persuasive scripts, film it, edit it, manage the casting part, taking care of the audio and decorating the final outcome with the coolest graphic and motion designs. Full video production coverage in all its glory.

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